In Focus with Gerrie Pretorius (Vrouekeur)

August 6, 2018

In Focus with Gerrie Pretorius (Vrouekeur)

What’s your favorite music Genre?

Big Band, swing and Jazz a nice “Boere treffer” will always be welcomed into my playlist. These days I also have an appreciation for classical music.

Who’s your favorite singer ?

In Afrikaans → Coennie De Villiers

International → Young The Giants

I also enjoy the golden oldies like the Gospel album of Elvis that’s one of my favourite albums.

Where does your business savvy come from?

My mother’s brother, Sias, and I are very close to each other. He has always been my business role model. He has worked as a top businessman in several careers and inspired many family members in the process. I do not think it’s necessarily a business line rather than a belief to make a difference and what you do with 20% more passion than the guy next to you. Maybe also a bit of dominance. I was when I started a business of selling hot dogs to my friends.

Tell us more about your family

I grew up as the youngest of three children on a small farm in Tergniet in the Southern Cape, not far from Mossel Bay. Grandfather Hansie, a builder, had a great spirit there and contributed a lot to Tergniet’s development.

Thanks to him there is electricity today – at that time the old people did not want to know anything about it.
My father, Gert, and my mother, Susan, inspired me the most. They are hardworking people who supported us in everything, whether in sport, our horses or the farming that I did. I remember how I received a pig as a present from one of my fellow farmer friends, I had to smuggle the pig back to the farm in my dad’s car boot.

I had put the radio on for music just in case the pig started to grunt. By the time my dad found the pig in the barn the worst was already over.

The Petoorse “ go big” when it comes to partying. We like to entertain and make you feel welcome.  As we grew up, friends and family were always welcome in our home for the weekend to “Braai”.

My sister, Lindie, is an asset manager in Port Elizabeth and my brother, Jacques, has his own business in Mossel Bay in the automotive industry.
My mother handles my rent for the Pretorius development trust and after more than 30 years in the restaurant industry, she is still cooking for large occasions and functions.

My father has a garden service business to keep him busy and has been a president of the George show for several years.

Do you have any new plans for the future?

I recently received a new music contract, which I’m very excited about, but I do not want to mention too much about it. I owe my fans a full Gerrie album with beautiful ballads and beautiful processing. Something else which is very exciting, the Pretorius Development Trust is planning an affordable retirement village.

How would you like to be remembered?

The guy who sang beautifully showed us the world and his uniqueness, and never wanted to give up.